December 17, 2009

Man's best friend? Yeah, right...

I am home sick today - pounding headache, upset stomach (stand back people). Doesn't happen often, and not the end of the world. Will be back on my feet and at work tomorrow. Basically have to be, is our busiest time of the year.

If I were feeling better, I would clean the kitchen, catch up on bills and mail, or tackle that Mount Everest of laundry spilling over the hampers. Then again, if I were feeling better I would be at work, now wouldn't I?

So I am in bed, feeling crappy and half- watching TV. So far --- boring morning news shows, repeats of The Cosby Show and Desperate Housewives, and now morning talk shows such as Regis and Kelly, where Kelly is co-hosting with her husband Mark who is actually quite funny and I am learning too much about their sex life, which apparently we are now calling Reindeer Games. Am I so out of touch with slang? Didn't Rudolph play Reindeer games? Ewww...

On the bright side of being stuck home and feeling trampled on and puked up by the universe, I have by my side man's best friend, Alfred the adorable Havanese!

Yeah right. The little dude has no interest in me today. Sure, dogs are pack animals, and yes, Havanese are known to be so attached to their pet parents that they can suffer separation anxiety. All true. And still not the circumstance today. Alfred is in puppy camp, or doggie day care, on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Alfie doesn't know how to pace himself, and goes all out all day. Thursday is his recovery day, his "me" day if you will, when he snoozes while I am at work. So today I am being ignored by 14 pounds of canine, as you can see from the pics attached.

Soon enough he will wake up and want to play and cuddle and get treats and go outside. Which will all happen on his schedule (wait, he has a schedule?). Just who is in charge around here?


bmat10 said...

I hear you. 40 pounds of husky and she is in charge, everything is on her schedule. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

feral geographer said...

After successfully sleeping through the nights for several weeks at the age of 3 months, my puppy suddenly had a relapse and began waking up my partner and I every single night (morning) at 5 am. It's taken all this past month to fix the problem, which saw us setting an alarm for a progressively later yet still very early time each morning, starting at 4:30 am when we began, and then finally today finally making it to 6:30 am, which is our regular waking hour. It worked: Puppy now stays quiet until the alarm, no matter when it goes off. I am so ridiculously proud of our success at altering the dog's schedule to fit our own, that I doubt it could be appreciated by anyone who doesn't have a simliar pet of their own!

Get well soon.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Awwww...... I hope you feel better soon. But what do you think you are up to spoiling Alfreds 'me time' by being ill?!!!

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