October 11, 2010

I am... Snoopy?

Yeppers, I did it again. Someone stop me. Late at night, listening to the radio with the Havanese curled up on my lap, I took another damn facebook quiz.

What was it this time? It was Which Peanuts Character Are You. Yep, that's me, solving the problems of the world by taking facebook quizzes.

What was the information I delved deep into my psyche to provide? I like clear and sunny days, I don't like selling lemonade, I like all kinds of books, I like soup.

So based on all that empirical evidence, who am I?

I am Snoopy:
You are quiet and subdued, but these traits are balanced out (perhaps more than you might think) with your adventurous spirit, wisdom, and loyalty. You are a thoughtful person and people don't mind coming to you for some advice every now and then. You are playful and it always seems like you know what people are thinking, which makes you a great friend, and an even greater companion.

What the hell? I am quiet and subdued? Sure, I like the spirit and wisdom stuff, and I have my share of that crap, uh, those values, but quiet and subdued? Hmmm.

Once upon a time, I was an introverted insecure chubby shy kid with a stutter. Now, I have no self-censor chip and stuff just spews out. While there is some of that subdued quiet kid in there, I am pretty loud and booming now. Shouldn't that make me Lucy? Ah screw it, I will take Snoopy. While Charlie Brown got top billing, Snoopy was the star of the show, and if he had negotiated terms better, he sure would have made more money on merchandising.

So I took the quiz a second time, deliberately changing a bunch of my answers just to mess up the response. Like it is scientific anyhow. I was like one of those dumb jocks in high school who takes the multiple choice algebra test and chooses the answer "b" all the way through cuz he thinks it's funny. And yep I thought it was pretty clever. I'm deep that way.

So with all these new answers, which Peanuts character am I? Yep, Snoopy again. The quiet one. Uh-huh...


Jules said...

NO WAY am I taking THAT quiz..... I am going to be the Mean one who always takes the football from Charlie Brown. At least Snoopy makes everyone laugh and does the Happy Snoopy Dance!

Kate Collings said...

Ah snoopy is adoreable. I can't stand all those quizzes I get uber paranoid and that equals a very grumpy me! lol xx

Ray's Cowboy said...

I would love to take this quiz. It would be very interesting.

Kevin said...

Snoopy? The beagle? You mean, like Quinn? hahaha So much for Havanese, stick with the beagle.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

The Havanese is THE WORLD'S CUTEST DOG.... and I suspect he knows it.

Mr Quinnster is awfully cute too. Miss them both with us being away this week!

Linda Medrano said...

I sort of hate Facebook. I open the damned thing and think "who are these people?" Was a drunk when I "friended" them? I don't get it. Snoopy? I don't think so, Dude.

Gigi said...

I never take those quizzes because they might tell me that I am all sorts of things that I don't think I am and then I might get depressed. But Snoopy is good - Snoopy always makes me smile.

injaynesworld said...

Are you sure it wasn't Alfred taking the quiz through his awesome mind-controlling powers?

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Ooh, Jayne, I totally had not thought of that, you may be right -- the little furball does have those awesome powers!

vickilikesfrogs said...

I took a FB quiz once. It said I was a "Hot Ghetto Mess". So see? Scientific! Love ya, Snoop!

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