October 31, 2010

What Gay Men Wear on Halloween....

As part of Bloggerstock, I have guest posted an intelligent erudite perceptive profound post --- uh, okay, it is none of those, but it is fun --- at Being Tazim, a creative artsy blog by my new friend Tazim in Vancouver.

Check out my musings about what gay men wear on Halloween --- and yes it involved Madonna and men in uniform --- at


Writer said...

Cool. Part of my costume for today is this...


RAD said...

Fun...Love that Madge! Happy Halloween to you!!!

Gadgerson said...

Awesome!! Happy Halloween!! I'm going as a vampire victim and my husband is going as a vampire... ;)

Being Tazim said...

Hey, I am a label on your blog. Cool. :) Loved having you post - and now I have a picture of a very cute/handsome dog on my blog!

Ray's Cowboy said...

Hope you have a wonderful and happy holloween.


lila Check said...

so cool!! really refreshing to read what you write!
Happy Halloween to you too!
How to follow this awesome blog?
you followers button is not working.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Hey Lila -

Big thanks, and you should be able to follow through Google Reader or Facebook thru links on the right.

If not working, maybe refresh your browser? I have a ton o crap on here, er I mean quality stuff, so sometimes it doesnt all load right!

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