February 10, 2011

Beyond Star Trek: Let's Make TV Gayer...

Brannon Braga, producer of more than a dozen feature films and 700 episodes in the Star Trek franchise, recently said that he regrets not featuring openly gay characters.

In an interview with AfterElton.com, the producer talks about general avoidance of the subject and reluctance on the part of decision makers. "It was a shame," Braga said to AfterElton.com. "I'm talking about the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and there was a constant back and forth about well how do we portray the spectrum of sexuality... At the time, the decision was made not to do that and I think those same people would make a different decision now."

George Takei, who played Sulu on the original Star Trek series and in many films, came out in 2005 and married his partner Brad Altman in 2008.

So while we wait for Braga to launch a new gay-friendly Trek, and Glee is only on once a week, here's five suggestions for the big networks on how to gay up their prime time line-up's:

1- American Idol:
With all the turnover in judges, you think they'd try a gay guy for a seat at the table. We love pop culture, we can be bitchy and opinionated, we love to judge people! Of the qualified out homo's, Ricky Martin is probably too nice for the gig, and John Barrowman is not well known enough in the USA, so how about Boy George? He'd bring back the wackiness a la Paula Abdul.

2- Two and a Half Men:
With Charlie Sheen likely needing some time off soon, lets introduce teh guys' long-lost gay brother! Picture Holland Taylor and that kid bouncing snarky lines off an uptight Armani-wearing urban homo. I am thinking Niles from Frasier, only gayer. And no I have no idea how he could be gayer, let the network brains figure that one out.

3- Hawaii Five-0:
Sun, skin, surf, mystery, that awesome theme song, and no gays? With a cast so ethnically diverse, they need to bring in the gays or we are all gonna watch the wittier Castle. Steve McGarrett needs a Bruce McFaggot on his team. And don't use that name.

4-The Big Bang Theory
The best sitcom currently on tv, and with a name like that there has to be some gay there! This group of super nerds needs a gay nerd to move into the building. Let the nerds' discomfort with girls be even more unsettled with their science genius challenged by a super smart gay guy or girl. Like Rachel Maddow.

5- Hot in Cleveland
Four very funny comedy veterans in a newfangled Golden Girls, produced by Sean Hayes. How could we not be in? The ladies need a gruff gay housekeeper to keep them all in line and cook them low-carb Sunday brunches. I am thinking Harvey Fierstein.

Oh, and I also think that pretty boy Cary Agos on The Good Wife should come out of the damn closet.

What shows would you gay up?


Aaron said...

The gayest show on television and my biggest guilty pleasure RuPaul's Drag Race just started its third season! It has been terrible and fantastic so far.

BeckEye said...

The Dean on Community is a trysexual, so there's that.

American Idol usually always has at least one gay contestant...who never wins, of course. Even if he's the best singer. (What do you want from Middle America??)

Ray's Cowboy said...

My Life.


injaynesworld said...

Just bring back Will and Grace! I loved that show.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I would love to see both of your choices of The Big Bang Theory. One of my favorite shows.

and Hot In cleveland.

Lauren said...

Big Bang would be really interesting with a gay character! As to the Good Wife, I'd probably like Cary more if he came out. Until then I guess we have to make due with the mysterious Kalinda.

squatlo said...

I think a sit-com gay character would probably end up being a parody that no one would be fond of... how about a dramatic series, or one of the semi-serious ones we watch? "House" needs a gay character. "In Plain Sight", or "The Closer" would work. I'd like to see "Bones" or "Criminal Minds" get real for a change. Making Alan Harper any gayer on Two and a Half Men would be redundant...

pattypunker said...

you should totally watch modern family. one of the families featured is a loveable gay couple who crack my ass up. and they allow kissing and touching between them on primetime network tv. bravo abc!

Tara said...

If they put Boy George on American Idol, I might actually consider watching it

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@Aaron - I agree on RuPaul's Drag Race, is terrible and fantastic! Not yet sold on his drag school show though.

@Beckeye - Yep, I forgot about Community, good call out. And Adam Lambert so should have won Idol!

@Ray - he he he!

@Jayne - so agree, love WIll and Grace. It used to be on here all the time in syndication, seems to have vanished. Damn.

@Dazee - thanks, wouldn't a gay geek on big bang be awesome? Love it already, would love it more!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@Lauren - agree on all counts, and yes Kalinda is awesome. I like how we are not sure about her at all.

@Squatlo - I agree on Two and a Half Men, they would need to add the gay character. I like Bones, would be interesting to see what they do with a gay character.

@Tara - yep, I too would watch Idol for Boy George!

Underground Dude said...

Chuck could definitely use a gay spy. I think it would simply be fabulous!

AmberLaShell said...

Just wanted to thank you for reading my blog! So, a sopapilla is basically fried bread with cinnamon and suger. You put honey on it, it is heavenly.

Jules said...

YOU should be doing some casting in Hollywood! Your ideas are awesome!

Bodaciousboomer said...

Bruce McFaggot. That is a hoot.

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