February 15, 2011

Top Ten Guilty Pleasures...

Guilty pleasures are a good thing. We all work hard, we all worry about getting everything done, we all stress out. Sometimes we need to indulge. And by "sometimes", I mean as often as possible.

A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The "guilt" involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes .

Some indulgences aren't guilty; I indulge in popcorn, I over-indulge in diet Coke, but those aren't guilty pleasures, they are basic food groups.

These are guilty pleasures, the foods I eat more than my weight in, or the TV shows I sit and watch for hours on end. And I would rather not be judged on, thank you very much...

1- Cash Cab marathons: disco lights in a moving taxi and surprised geeky contestants. How could a game show be better?

2- Licorice Allsorts, should be Bassett's, best if in the holiday pound-size bag. Size matters.

3- House Hunters: lovely homes and the morons who buy them.

4- NCIS all-day marathons: while the Los Angeles spin-off sucks, the original is consistently entertaining, and we watch it a season at at time on dvd every fall. Bring on Abbie!

5- Jelly Belly jelly beans: the wackier the flavours the better, and yes I have that jelly bean gumball machine in the picture.

6- The Austin Powers movies: yes they are intentionally silly, and I think they are totally brilliant. I love them so much I could watch them back-to-back on a loop. When they come on tv, I sit and watch to the end no matter where I am supposed to be going. So yes I get there really late.

7- 70s cheesy pop music: I Honestly Love You, the Captain and Tennille, Kung Fu Fighting, Disco Duck, Billy Don't Be A Hero, all things Andy Gibb...

8- 80s cheesy pop music: Sister Christian, Amanda, Break My Stride, Irene Cara's solo career, Careless Whisper, Wind Beneath My Wings, Take My Breath Away...

9- Movie musicals, good and bad: from Grease to The Pirate Movie, Moulin Rouge to Burlesque, I love 'em all, and will watch them over and over. Even the crappy ones. Especially the crappy ones.

10- Golden Girls: Okay, okay, it is too great a show to be a guilty pleasure, it's really just a pleasure. But if you only knew how often I watch it, and now it's next generation, Hot in Cleveland...


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