February 22, 2011

The Big Bang Theory & how I wasted my day off...

Yesterday was Family Day here in Alberta, so an extra day off for most of us. K is away on a business trip, so was just the dogs and me...

I of course efficiently used my time to cross things off the to-do list: go to the gym, clean house, prepare for business trip, call friends I haven't talked to, pay bills, read...

Okay, I didn't do any of that. I took my bonus day and, uh, what the hell did I do again? Oh yeah...

1- Wrote blog post on awesome Melissa Etheridge concert.

2- Watched entire season 1 of The Big Bang Theory on dvd, and yes, that is 17 episodes.

3- Napped with Alfie in the basement.

4- After careful deliberation, decided my favourite Big Bang episode is the one with Leonard's PMS team vs Sheldon's AA team in the physics bowl.

5- Ate Costco bruschetta on crackers. Meh.

6- Revisited earlier decision, decided new favourite Big Bang episode is the one when teen Asian genius Dennis Kim overshadows Sheldon who graciously sets out to destroy him.

7- Napped with Alfie and Quinn in the basement.

8- Worried that spending the day in the basement means I may be like the social outcasts of Big Bang without the whole genius thing.

9- Realized today was the expiry date on package of lox so ate it.

10- Arbitrarily decided the The Big Bang Theory may be the best sitcom ever.

11- Used call display to screen out calls from Utah and North Dakota. Damn marketers.

12- During a Big Bang break, saw Celine Dion on Oprah.

13- Drank four cans of diet Coke. Okay, five.

14- Read a Huffington Post article about a guy who was shot for eating popcorn too loudly in a movie theatre and thought hey he may have deserved it.

15- Decided this is the best season one Big Bang line: "Eat this cheese without farting and you can sleep with my sister."


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