February 20, 2011

Breaking china & other stupid crap I did last week...

I like to think of myself as an intelligent person. I choose to believe others think of me as an intelligent person. Last week, not so much...

1- We are slowly collecting the stoneware from our wedding registry (yep, that's it in the pic above), and there was a sale this weekend so we splurged. When we came home and unwrapped the pieces, K and I were unpacking the tissue, pulling off stickers, and putting them on the counter, then, wham! Colliding bowls, one down for the count. Lesson learned: pay attention to what you are doing.

2- My new job involves driving to different sites, which means parking in various parking lots. I have no sense of direction, so this does not bode well, and yes it happened already. I walked out the wrong exit, was on the wrong side of the building and wandered around the parking lot looking for my car, cursing the jerkwad who designed the damn parking lot, in arctic cold minus 33 weather. Lesson learned: write stuff down.

3- I went to get cash from the bank machine, and was absentmindedly tapping away while daydreaming, wondering why the hell this asshole bank machine wasn't working, and then remembered that duh it is not a touchscreen, there are actual buttons to push. Uh, self, this is a bank ATM, not an iPad. Lesson learned: read instructions.

4- While writing this post, it went all caps, then all X's, then random letters and symbols, including what I think may be the dirtiest word ever. I maybe should have considered that holding the world's cutest canine on my lap while holding laptop computer in lap will result in dog paws on keyboard. Lesson learned: dogs don't type.

5-Again while writing this post, I was going for a snack, so went to hit the 'save" button and instead the 'publish post' button, which resulted in a semi-coherent Esperanto-sounding half-post briefly being published until I yanked it down. Oops. Sorry about that. Lesson learned: read the buttons before pushing the buttons.

I will be smarter this week.......


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