February 2, 2011

Patti Labelle hearts the gays...

I saw Patti Labelle at an outdoor waterfront concert when I lived in Toronto about 20 years ago. I went with some guy I was dating. I don't remember him at all, I totally remember Patti. She was amazing in vocal power and stage presence.

At one point, she called a guy up on stage, asked if the pretty lady beside him was his girlfriend, he blushed and said no, he was with the guy sitting on his other side, to which Patti clapped and squealed, "I love you guys!"

Patti LaBelle has always been an outspoken LGBT ally, and was at the forefront of HIV/AIDS activism when many in the black community were silent on the issue, especially the black church. Now it shouldn't be a surprise that Ms. LaBelle is lending her support to marriage equality.

"I was asked earlier if I was gay", LaBelle said during her speech at 2009's Miami Beach Pride. "And I said well I can answer this way. I'm very gay and happy. I'm very happy to be here for my gay friends. I've never been with a woman so I guess I'm straight. But I'm straight enough to know the difference between right and wrong. I am straight enough to know that if you want to marry whoever you want to marry, you should be able to marry."


Jim said...

Love Patti! Always have!

injaynesworld said...

I love her! So much so that I have a gorgeous, big, black hen that I named Patti LaBelle. No, really. I do. I hope Patti would be flattered.

P.S. Put anymore thought into getting Disqus?

lovesmukiwa said...

YAY Patti! I triple love her :)

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@Jim -- me too!

@Jayne -- love that your chicken is named Patti! And yes have emailed you separately abput disqus.

@lovesmukiwa -- triple indeed!

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