April 10, 2011

Adam: see this movie!

Some flicks never really get onto our radar, what with all the Charlie Sheen news Shrek sequels, and quality Arthur remakes that get our attention.

Adam is one of those lost flicks, and I just saw it, and it's a gem.

Adam is about love, though not in your typical When Adam Meets Cute Chick kind of way. Adam starts with the idea that with all its heartbreak, awkward moments and miscommunication, love is simply put, hard.

Throw in Asperger Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism characterized by an inability to read what other people are thinking and feeling, and things get elevated to an entirely new level, and that’s exactly what happens when Adam, a shy, socially sheltered, yet extremely bright and enthusiastic man meets Beth, an aspiring children’s book author who moves in next door.

With his personality quirks and odd behavior that Beth can’t seem to figure out, Adam is worlds away from the men she’s known before, and a chemistry between the two begins brewing. Adam charms her with his fascination of a family of raccoons in Central Park and makes a virtual solar system in his apartment for her, while Beth begins to teach Adam the ways of the world. Though whether the relationship survives remains to be seen, the result is a humorous and unconventional relationship that breaks the mold of cliched and cookie cutter romantic comedies.

There are lots of highlights to this one, from the spotlight on Asperger Syndrome to the sweetness and the comedy, and the standout is Hugh Dancy, who I knew only as Mr Claire Danes and from Confessions of a Shopaholic; his versatility shines when he portrays all the characteristics of Asperger’s in relation to Adam and those around him. You feel Adam’s pain and share his laughter.

This is one fine romantic comedy that does not fall under the curse of its genre – it’s original and funny. From Adam trying to clean Beth’s windows in a NASA space suit, to Beth’s awkward introduction of Adam to her parents, Adam will make you laugh, smirk and exercise your strength to control heavier emotions. It’s the type of romantic comedy you can appreciate, without it leaving a bad aftertaste in your mouth.


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