April 14, 2011

2 dogs, 3 weeks, 9 lessons...

While my husband is touring Peru, I am home leading my glamorous life: scooping poop in the backyard, using the shopvac to suck up barrels of filthy melting snow, vaccuming the stairs while the beagle walks behind me and body shakes his fur...

So three weeks alone with Alfie and Quinn has taught me stuff. Big stuff. Life lesson stuff:

1- If you're gonna get up really early, you better go to bed really early.

2- Take long naps and big stretches before rising.

3- Loving grandparents are awesome babysitters.

4- Cuddle.

5- Get petted any chance you get.

6- Be obedient when it suits you.

7- Let people know how you feel; wear your emotions on your face and on your butt.

8- Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.

9- When you are happy, show it: dance and wag your whole body!


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