April 24, 2011

Moving Days, Moving Daze

This is it, the big week 18 months in the making...

We are moving into our new house! Talk about a long time coming. K and I weren't even engaged when we started this one, and now we have been married for nine years (uh, eleven months, I was rounding up).

Between this house, and freeing my stuff that's in storage for the past year, we have movers for two days. And then new delivery of our new red leather sofa, pick up of our white leather stools, appliance delivery and installation, telephone install, sound system hook-up, blah, blah, blah. It really is a moving week.

I think we are organized. I think we are on top of it. There have been a few hiccups, such as cable tv and internet are more than a week after we move in (what? how the hell am I gonna watch Glee?), and the refrigerator and stove are back ordered (hello, Mr Pizza delivery man!), but overall I think we are on track... until maybe now:

TLC, the cable channel that used to be all about learning (uh, The Learning Channel), and is now home to crappy reality shows like Kate Plus 8 and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, still wants to teach us something, so posted five tips for planning a move on their website:

5: Make a Master List of Moving Tasks: We both have lists of appointments, deliveries, financial stuff, change of address notifications, etc. I have a folder of just my lists. A master list of all our lists would take too much time. I'm busy, people.

4: Line Up Your Friends to Help You Move: even if you hire movers, says TLC. Uh, no. We have lots of crap and we hired movers. Plus, we like our friends.

3: Read Up on How to Drive a Rental Truck: Hired movers, they presumably come with a big truck. We will buy them lots of coffee and timbits though. Trust me, it works.

2: Have Rugs, Drapes and Slipcovers Cleaned: None of any of this --- hardwood floors, blinds, no slipcovers. Can we count this as done then? Are there points for this quiz?

1: Purge: Whaaat? I didn't eat that many jelly beans on Friday! Oh, ok, purge our stuff... so we did some of this before I moved in, and then with a garage sale last summer, and still there is more, so yes we are likely moving in too much stuff. There will be a sell-off at some point. And maybe I did eat that many jelly beans, so? It was National Jelly Bean Day. That is serious stuff.

Be sure to come back here Tuesday the 26th. I'll be busy moving, but it is Alfie's birthday --- the little dude is four! --- and this blog will be a fundraiser for the Edmonton Humane Society. Check it out!


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