April 19, 2011

A movie theatre for dogs?

I love our dogs, Alfie and Quinn. They are totally pampered. In your next life, you may want to come back as them. However, some things are just too much...

Like this one: Sweden has opened its first-ever cinema for dogs so that pet pooches can accompany their owners to the movies. Really? So in addition to the sticky floors and loud people and twelve-dollar soda, I now get the pleasure of other peoples pets barking and whining and shedding all over the damn theatre? Uh, pass.

This brilliant idea is part of the 2011 Swedish Pet Fair held in Stockholm, so for a limited time only. "To our knowledge, this is the first time that dogs have been allowed to attend a movie screening. Of course, all pets are welcome," Gerd Lindén, project manager at the Pet Fair, said in a statement.

"As long as it is the family's best friend, we promise not to discriminate against moviegoers and welcome both reptiles as well as fish in aquariums," he added. Awesome idea, dude, you should come to the movies carrying your fucking aquarium.

According to an American Kennel club survey, 87 percent of all pet owners say their pets watch TV. I don't think ours do, although they do react to dogs on screen and bark back at them. Loudly.

As for the pet movie theatre people, yes the first film they showed was Marmaduke. Geez, Nothing predictable there...


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