April 5, 2011

You've Got Mail, Expensive Mail...

I just came home to the biggest credit card bill of my life. So big that I think my jaw literally dropped. Three paychecks big.

Holy crap! I was so sure the bill was wrong, filled with bad charges. And uh no it wasn't wrong, all totally real charges -- appliances for the new house, movers, upgrades to my new car, a surprising number of pitas for lunch.

So I get this mammoth bill first, and I don't get all the good stuff that I am waiting for. What the hell, Canada Post? Could we speed this pony express up a little?

Here's what is coming...

1- The Big Bang Theory Season 2 DVDs, to follow up my one day full Season 1 marathon.

2- The new bluetooth thingamajig I ordered for my car.

3- American Express Rewards $171 gift card to go spend on something frivolous which I totally do not need.

4- Flat Stanley, coming from my friend MaryMac and her daughter Faith (I'll post pics when His Flatness is here).

5- My invitation to the upcoming Royal Wedding* *this last one may not actually be on its way...

So yep all this fun stuff on its way, and what do I get first? The world's biggest visa bill. That blows! What will be next... oh, probably the damn MasterCard statement...


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