April 3, 2011

Jimmy Fallon's Best Prank Ever...

My secret boyfriend Jimmy Fallon is cute and smart and funny. And his TV show is on way the hell too late at night, so it's a good thing that with our hundreds of cable channels everything repeats over and over.

For April Fool's Day, my Jimmy did one of his twitter "hashtag" campaigns where he asked viewers to tweet in with their Best Prank Ever. I had nothing to send in, because apparently I am way too boring and too nice to pull pranks on people. And I spend a lot of my time in the basement eating popcorn watching Golden Girls marathons.

I couldn't even conjure up this stuff... these people are funny and mean and awesome.

Here's some of what people sent in:

Replaced my friend's shoes with same pair but two sizes bigger, so he thought his feet were shrinking.

Took out an ad on craigslist for free Siamese kittens and put my brother Paul's number. He said he got 40 calls a day.

Peed in roommate's Polo cologne, kept telling him that he smelled like pee. He said it's just the way Polo smells.

Went on my roommate's facebook and sent a relationship request to his mom.

Right before a showing, set up a crime scene at a friend's house he was selling. Police tape and bloody chalk body included!

Put an ad in paper while friend was out of town advertising "Free Christmas Tree Recycling" & put his address.

Convinced my foreign girlfriend that a douchebag was what you asked for at a restaurant when you wanted the leftovers to go.

Put 3 pairs of shoes and 3 pairs of trousers in the stalls in a 3-stall bathroom so nobody could poop all day.

and my absolute favourite, the best use of auto-correct ever...

Changed coworkers email spell check to change "the" to "ass" whenever typed.


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