February 13, 2011

It's Valentine's Day... so what?

Happy hearts and cupids day!

Last year at this time, K and I were engaged, and we went all out for Valentine's Day with gifts, a nice dinner out, etc. This year we are married, and we are opting for a quiet dinner at home. I guess the honeymoon really is over...

I have never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day, as it feels exclusionary towards singles, and pressure-filled for those coupled off.

Now, in a new swing towards the positive, I embrace the celebration of it. Yep, let's go with that. But first, some of my fave cards from someecards.com:


injaynesworld said...

Yes! It's absolutely exclusionary toward singles. And I will airing my opinion about that in a post tomorrow. (Hence no Sunday Recap today.) But I still have my Magpie Tale up.

How's that changeover to Disqus attempt working out?

Kevin said...

Happy Valentine's Day, honey. I love you.

Clipped Wings said...

I love the third one. At least you and your honey are together in love, and that's what's really important. Everyday's a quiet celebration in a good marriage.

Jenner said...

I'm a big fan of someecards! Those really made me laugh. Happy Valentines Day!

Clare and Gary said...

Happy Valentines... my blog tomorrow is about Gary, not the old man.. that's what happens after 7 years ;-)

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