February 21, 2011

Melissa Etheridge Rules The World...

Last night we saw Melissa Etheridge in concert. Woo hoo! I have been a fan since Bring Me Some Water from her first album in 1988, with that rock beat, passion-filled lyrics, and Janis Joplin meets Kim Carnes meets meets Bruce Springsteen voice.

Since that debut, Etheridge continued to rock and dazzle with terrific songs like I Run for Life, Come To My Window, I'm Not The Only One, Similar Features and I Want to Come Over.

She came out of the closet in 1993, which was headline news. And she battled breast cancer. And took up environmental and equality causes. Busy woman.

Also ensuring tabloid frenzy, Etheridge had a partner, had some kids, had a public split, had another partner, had some more kids, had another public split, and now has another partner. Okay her real life is kinda messy, but hey that probably gives inspiration for her songwriting.

Opening act was Canada's own Serena Ryder, who was impressive and joined Etheridge later for a duet.

Then Etheridge took the stage for more than two hours of rock excellence. There was nothing flashy about the staging or lighting, just Etheridge, two guitarists and a drummer going through her hits and new stuff like Fearless Love.

Etheridge had fun interacting with the audience playfully, accepting iconic red Olympic mittens from one fan, and added some funky groove guitar into hits like Chrome-Plated Heart.

The crowd was filled with stage-rushing Etheridge die-hards, they loved the show and so did I. Fun fact: More so than anywhere I have ever been, there was lots of flannel, and there was no crowd whatsoever in the men's room during intermission... (translation: lesbians, there were lots of lesbians).

Awesome live performer. Catch her if you have the chance.


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