February 28, 2011

Even my iPad is gay gay gay...

While sitting at the airport Friday night, waiting for my delayed flight home, I was bored bored bored with the book I was reading and twitter, and was all caught up on email, so decided to check out new apps for my beloved iPad.

I scanned the most popular app list, and am not much of a gamer, so instead went to the search function and typed in a randomly chosen word... "GAY".

Holy crap, there is a whole world out there I know nothing about! There are 103 iPad specific apps that came up, plus about another 400 iPhone apps. Yes Virginia, the homos are online!

Here's the first ten I found:

1- Grindr: gay, bi, and curious finder of the same sex; I have heard of this one, is it a gay facebook or a really big hookup site? Claims over a million members in 180 countries. Including I am guessing some politician with fake names. Just sayin...

2- Gay Speed Date: the name says it all. Don't know if is real dates or virtual dates. Or for that matter, inflatable dates.

3- Jack'd: Gay Men's social network - classy name, guys!

4- Scruff: Gay bear finder for guys: post picture, browse profiles, rate guys, woof at other SCRUFFers, exchange messages. "Woof" at other guys? Do bears woof?

5- OUT Radio: LGBT lifestyle issue internet radio show, seems to be an umbrella for various gay news sources. I am gonna check this one out.

6- Gay Times: UK gay news.

7- u4Bear: gay bear finder, special feature is increase size of text box for big fingers; you can send woofs, and has an "improved bear guide"; I really am curious about the improved bear guide... what the heck is that?

8- Sex Positions HD: yes, in high definition, inspired by the kama sutra. what else can I say? This was pretty tame up until now, I expected more porn-ish stuff, even with the Apple police out there.

9- Dating DNA: Another dating site, I saw no difference from the others.

10- Gay Kamasutra: ah, we knew this one was coming....

So what have we learned? Apple Gays like dating and news and dating bears and sex and dating. Not a real surprise there, except I would have expected more disco music.

Also spotted on the gay app list: Adult Sex Games, FlirtMaps, Night Worker, Gay Pride Finder, Lesbian Social Network, The xxx Book, a gay disc jockey, Pornorame, the funniest collection of erotic movie titles, a gay history project, The Ultimate Sex Dice, a gay advent calendar, and Tight Ends, a gay football anthology.

Okay I gotta admit, I am curious about the ulitmate sex dice....


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