January 26, 2011

Harps is for Homophobes!

Before today I'd never heard of the grocery store Harps, as we don't have them here in Canada, but man those boneheads are getting a bunch of well-deserved bad press.

These lunkheads decided that children needed to be protected from the Us magazine cover with Elton John and David Furnish and their baby. Uh, really? All the crap out their on tabloids and magazines, and this is what you need to hide away?

The fun part of this is that the Harps facebook page is currently asking for suggestions for a Produce Slogan and a Produce Mascot.

I put down We are homophobes, let us be your store for the 12th century!

Other people did better:
Harps: Gay Families Unwelcome Since 2011
Harps: Where the produce is as stale as its values
Harps: Where produce moves slower than its PR department.

I wish we had Harps here in Canada. Then I could go spend my dollars at their competition across the street. Homophobic bastards.


BeckEye said...

"Harps: Where the produce is as stale as its values." Hahah! That's my favorite.

I bet they don't even sell bananas, zucchini or even large cucumbers because of their implications.

Clare and Gary said...

Now if they'd said because we thought people would be offended by Elton's eyebrows they would have had a point!... homophobes

Ron said...

Harps are in Arkansas, Oaklahoma and Missouri. All I will say about that beyond the obvious, that with all that has happened to Louisiana (which borders Arkansas)over the past few years...their State motto is "Well, at least we aren't Arkansas!"

Those 3 states have high incest levels...just saying.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Total arseholes, what is their problem?

But if you look at it, 10 years ago, gay marriage was inconceivable (unintentional pun!). So it won't be long now before gay couples are openly accepted with children. But in the meantime........

Vodka Logic said...

I just saw this on Perez Hilton.. wtf. I couldn't wait to get the magazine and look at the pictures. Been a fan of Eltons forever.

Never heard of Harps and I hope those that have them..stay away.

feralgeographer said...

Ha! Yep, this is really one for the WTF Files.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@ Beckeye -- bananas and cucumbers, thanks so much for that visual. Aargh!

@ Clare -- agree on those eyebrows.

@ Ron -- highest incest levels, ha ha ha!

@ Annie -- you are more patient than me. Arseholes is right!

@ Vodka -- yeppers, stay away!

@ feral -- WTF is right!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Update on this story -- Harps prez has published a statement, not an apology, on their website, saying the shield was put on at the store manager's discretion and has been removed. No apology, no steps towards avoiding somethign like this in the future. Still not impressed.

They also deleted all the negative and sarcastic comments from their facebook wall.

singlemama.cc said...

Gee thanks for taking the sign down but we still already know that you're a bunch of worthless homophobic twatwaffles. Nice try Harps but still....piss off

Lauren said...

I must be weird or something... my first thoughts seeing the cover were: 1) So tiny and 2) That's Elton John's husband? Huh. People find the weirdest stuff to censor.

Clare and Gary said...

@singlemama.cc..... Twatwaffles... new favourite word!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Ha ha Clare, nice pick-up! I had missed twatwaffles.... LMAO.

Back to Harps.... what a bunch of homophobic nobs. Look Brahm, you are making me rant!

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@singlemama and @Clare -- twatwaffles, new fave word!

@Annie -- love the ranting!

Underground Dude said...

Yeah, I saw this on Facebook. I live in Wyoming where the they just recently passed an anti gay marriage law. Yes progress has been made, but we have also taken some steps back that bring on some sighs. But we gotta keep moving and fighting.

Remember, your heart is a muscle the size of your fist; keep loving and keep fighting :)


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