January 10, 2011

Barbara Walters, Wonder Woman, & things that annoy the crap out of me...

I haven't posted one of these lists in months. Has nothing been annoying me? Hardly. There are fools and morons doing stupid things everywhere everyday. Here's what's bugging me now...

1- Out TV showing The New Addams Family. That show is not gay tv, folks, it's crappy tv, there is a difference.

2- Bad drivers especially slow bad drivers. Like you, fool in the blue Yaris who pulled out of the Canadian Tire parking lot onto a major road going all of four miles an hour. And then cruised gently forward at that speed. You annoy me.

3- In the wake of this weekend's tragedy in Arizona, Barbara Walters saying on The View she feels sorry for Sarah Palin. Really? THAT'S who you feel sorry for?

4- Piers Morgan's childish antics on twitter.

5- Nicole Kidman's never-changing face.

6- Amazon.com telling me the book I want for my Kindle, Room, is not available in Canada. Really? You download it wirelessly people.

7- The publisher who wants to censor The New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. They are dropping the word 'nigger' because it is socially unacceptable. Hey fools, that is the whole purpose of the book. They are gonna replace it with with the word 'slave'. Because slavery is more acceptable?

8- The fools at CNN who just renewed Nancy Grace's multi-year, multi-million dollar contract. You should have let Fox have her.

9- That Snooki and The Situation of Jersey Shore both got book deals. Hey, Snooks, you gonna read one before you write one?

10- The death of a new Wonder Woman: I was looking forward to the planned reboot from LA Law and Boston Legal producer David E. Kelley, which NBC just pulled the plug on. Kelley is good, and this had potential to be smart and entertaining. It certainly would have been better than that Bionic Woman remake that flopped a couple of years ago .

Okay that's all the for now. Back to calm and tranquility... maybe...


Mrsblogalot said...

David E Kelly is good. Remember the show with the singing cops? Wasn't that him too? It was like a cop Glee or something.

Way ahead of his time.

I always felt there was something strange about Nicole Kidman's face and you're right, it doesn't change!!!

She's definitely an alien.

Kevin said...

Barbara Walters is a fool. I never understand how people give her credit as a qualified interviewer and / or reporter. She is juvenile and boring. How does 'The Spew' continue to be renewed?

Lauren said...

Well... now Huck and Finn can be right up there with Scout and Jem (To Kill a Mockingbird is either the first or second most banned book. I don't remember which). God I hate book banners/censors. Why don't you ban/censor history classes while you're at it friggin' morons. You're right... calm, tranquility...

Gigi said...

Maybe I should start to do lists of annoying things - I certainly seem to have a bunch of annoyances around!

Don't get me started on the whole Huck Finn thing. I've already ranted enough about it....but could probably find more to say.

And really?? A download-able book isn't available in Canada? That's insane.

tokenblogger said...

Don't censor Mark Twain...


They remade the Bionic Woman?

Amy said...

*Grumble grumble grumble* Amazon.com telling me a book isn't available here PISSES ME OFF! Sigh. BUT a slight consolation - a friend in the US tried to buy an ebook that I had purchased and Amazon told them it wasn't available there. HAH

Jim said...

I believe the publisher of the New Adventures Of Huck Finn is doing this for the younger audience? I can see this being a good thing for kids under say under 12. We adults can still read the original version and realize and understand to put the language into an historical perspective. Kids, generally, can't do this. I do not like censorship either but I feel sometimes it is warranted when young people are involved.There is plenty of time for them to mature and wrap their heads around the fact that the world has racists in it.
I agree that Ms.Walters really doesn't know what she is saying sometimes.....someone should tell her that it is time.
You can't talk about 'my Nicole' that way! lol

Nicki said...

Sorry Jim, I have to disagree. The parents should always know what their kids are reading, read along with them, and talk as they go along. My 12 year old has been hearing these words since way before he turned 12 in school, on the bus, etc. I totally disagree with people thinking literature must be censored for this reason. The government, schools and such need to stop trying to parent our children. I want my children to hear all of those words early on so that I can teach them from a very young age what they mean and how they hurt others.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

I agree with Nicki. I truly believe we should not alter or adapt or censor art. If the reason is to appeal to kids and to widen the reading audience, do that with conversations about language and tone and context. That is the role of parents and teachers.

Clare and Gary said...

Today what is pissing me off is all the TV 'chefs' who pronnouce the Italian words with a fake accent ... Pancetta & parmesan can be said with an English accent you know, its allowed... makes me want to throw something at the TV... worst offenders ... Giada & Guy..

Oh by the way Happy New Year Brahm... sorry not be by..its been crazy and I'm sick to boot!

Rick Modien said...

Just a few comments about your points:
6). Not available in Canada probably means copyright issues haven't been worked out yet. I'm sure they will be soon.
7). Couldn't agree more.
8). Fire her ass NOW.
9). Right on!
That's all.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I love your annoying lists!

But bloody hell, what the blazes are you doing with Piers Morgan over there? I thought that because he was a brit, it was only us who had to tolerate him!

Nicole Kidman's face! LMAO! What mnore can I say, except that it is more a mask than a face

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@Clare- feel better! And due to my total lack of skill in the kitchen, I tend to just be impressed by all the tv chefs when I see them. That being said, I do sometimes wonder why someone who has lived their whole life in California has an Italian accent.

@Rick - I agree on copyright issues. Still annoying. How is that customer-centric?

@Annie - yes, Piers Morgan takes over Larry King's daily CNN show next week and is now on annoying publicity tour. The dude seems pretty convinced he is the best interviewer ever and North America is lucky to have him. Ugh.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

New Addams Family - watched it only once and that was enough.

Nancy Grace - I find her very annoying.

The Jersey Shore? What is up with that show? People really like that crap? And those Kardasian people - OH! Can we talk??!!

OutTV - good concept but I am sick to death of endless reruns. HOW many times can they broadcast the 4 or 5 episodes of the DL Chronicles?? And where is the new season of Bump??

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@ Doug --- those Kardashians have like what three different shows on now? They are frigging everywhere, and yet amazingly talent-free. And I agree with you on Bump, I like that one, where's the new stuff? How many times can they show Dante's Cove?

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