January 7, 2011

All hail Gilda Radner!

I loved Gilda Radner. While I was too young to enjoy her live on SNL, by the time she hit the movies, and then did her brilliant comedy album -- the first comedy album I ever owned, and yes it was an actual album, or maybe even an 8-track tape --- I was a huge fan.

Gilda was smart, funny, geeky, happy, Jewish, and talked dirty. Then she had a cancer fight, outlined in her amazing book It's Always Something, and she became a role model of grace and fighting back.

And now it turns out Gilda was a dog lover also... I love her even more now!

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."
- Gilda Radner


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Ah! There is always one constant with men the world over.... they always like dirty talk! *wink*

Gigi said...

I LOVE Gilda Radner! I vaguely remember her on SNL - but I don't know if that's from watching it when I shouldn't have (because I was too young) or if it was from re-runs; but she was absolutely brilliant.

Oh, and have I mentioned how much I like the new look? No? Well, I do.

Jabacue said...

They don't make them like they used to !
I remember her on SNL and she made the show.

injaynesworld said...

She was amazing. A true pioneer in women comics. Rosanne Rosanadana is still a classic. She was pretty damn special, all right.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

@ Annie --- yes, is true, is true!

@ Gigi --- thanks, glad you like alfie's new look!

@ Jim and @ Jayne - yes, loved her, and she was a pioneer, what a great way to say it!

A Strange Boy said...

SNL's had so many good female perfomers over the years, but there's nobody that's come close to that something special that Gilda was.

J@v@JuNKo said...

such a funny lady, i vaguely remember her as a kid on SNL. I use to get her and Andrea Martin mixed up for some reason lol.

pattypunker said...

rip gilda. you are one of my superheroes!

ps: i don't trust people who don't like dogs. or people who don't drink. but especially people who don't drink and don't like dogs.

BeckEye said...

When I think of Gilda Radner, I immediately think of that SNL skit where she was the little girl who wouldn't go to bed and she was playing pretend...and I guess she was supposed to be fighting with someone and she kept throwing herself against the door. It was so freaking funny.

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