February 1, 2010

Clive Owen and my Freebie Five...

This weekend K and I were renting DVDs and chose Food Inc (aka the one we felt we should see) and The Boys Are Back (aka the light fluffy one that looked sweet and fun).

Why The Boys Are Back? New on DVD, good reviews, sweet film based on a true story, and stars Clive Owen. The Clive Owen factor was waaaay bigger for me than K, who seemed intrigued by this, and then casually asked if Mr Owen would be on my list of five.

What is the list of five? In case you haven't heard of it, the "freebie five" is a list of five celebrities so attractive that your significant other must let you sleep with them, consequence-free, should that unbelievable opportunity ever arise.

The idea was popularized in an episode of "Friends" when each character listed their five, Ross named Isabella Rossellini, and then literally bumped into her... and fumbled it.

Awesome as she is, Isabella Rosselini is not on my list. Who is? Who would be on your list?

K's list? I have not asked who would be on it, and I suspect would include Hugh Jackman and Howie Mandel. Yes, really.

My list, in no particular order, and with a very clearly stated, very devoted preference for my fiance....

1- Clive Owen

2- Eric Bana

3- John Barrowman

4- Greg Louganis

5- Rahm Emanuel

I think my choices are brilliant... and yep I am bracing for the feedback... bring it on!

And so how was the movie The Boys Are Back? Sweet, touching, intermittently funny, kind of slow, very predictable. Is it worth renting? Well, did I mention it stars Clive Owen?


Bo said...

My list would definitly have Hugh Jackman on it.

Michael Rivers said...

Great list. Love your #1 and #2. I for sure have to have Matt Damon and Jonathan Rhys Meyers on my list!

Clare and Gary said...

Haha... my list would have Clive Owen on too... dreamy. I understand about Barrowman, if he was a woman he would be 'vivacious!' I find Rahm Emanuel a bit creepy actually, and when Greg Louganis was in the Olympics I was in love with him, like who wasn't!? (have you noticed how Mario Lopez is uncanily like him?)
Mine would be ( and sorry for th un-originality, but I think they are hot) Owen, Clooney, Sam Worthington, David Beckham & Peter Facinelli (who is just dreamy).. ahh dream on Clare!

robertga99 said...

My list would be...
1) Chris Cuomo
2) Chris Evans
3) Paul Walker
4) Christiano Ronaldo
5) Jason Statham

Vodka Logic said...

ok I'll give a list from a ladies perspective. and didn't realize there was a 5 allowed I only thought there was one.. so this is a nice surprise.

in no particular order.

Kelly jones [ok he is first, and lead singer of Stereophonics for those unfamiliar with him]

Gordon Ramssay

Jonathan Rhys Myers

oh hell thats good enough.

Fun post.

Aunt Juicebox said...

4 & 5 are interesting choices. I think my ex husband had a crush on Louganis, he was always talking about him.

injaynesworld said...

Rahm Emanuel...? There's a dark, creepy side to you, isn't there? Run, Alfred! Run! ;)

Kevin said...

Okay, here is my top 5 list, I think:
1. Ricky Martin
2. Mark Kelley (CBC personality)
3. Mark Harmon
4. Scott Bakula
5. Patrick Stewart

Do I have to stop now?

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Yours is a fascinating 5, Sir.

My 5:
1. Johnny Depp
2. Johnny Depp
3. Johnny Depp
4. Paul Newman (circa 1961)
5. Johnny Depp

Brahm said...

Okay some really interesting choices here... I am totally on board with Chris Cuomo and Mark Kelley, and actually Mark Harmon was on my list until realised that I had six (damn gotta check those counting skills).

Had to google Kelly Jones - first reaction was who the hell is he - and I kinda get that one.

And sure get the appeal of Paul Newman circa 1961; I mean is more than creepy now as he is dead, but the pics from then with the ice blue eyes are amazing!

Rural Gay said...

1) Adam Rodriguez
2) Eddie Cibrian
3) Nate Berkus
4) Luke Macfarlane
5) Hugh Jackman

Brahm said...

Ooh... Luke Macfarlane... did not think of that one... good call!

Anonymous said...

AH yes, beautiful Luke MacFarlane. I saw the movie Iron Road and that scene where he disrobed and while climbing to jump into the water was his exceptional and gorgeous bare ass! Too bad there wasn't a frontal shot as well.
Brahm, all mentioned guys and MORE would make my list.

From close to Luke's home town.

Middle Aged Woman said...

Faran Tahir (one of the bad guys in Iron Man)
Clive Owen
Christian Bale
Robert Downey, Jr.
Eric Bana

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