November 23, 2009

All hail Adam Lambert

Okay so last night I am in bed, half watching the American Music Awards, half working, half falling asleep (don't do the math here, or you will see I got no work done). Janet Jackson was high energy, Whitney Houston showed us what she can do, Lady Gaga did a huge space alien production number, Keith Urban rocked out, Jennifer Lopez sang a lousy song and literally fell on her ass. All good.

Then the show closes with this Adam Lambert guy, who I am quickly becoming a fan of. With Elvis-like hair and a glittery suit he sang "For Your Entertainment" in a big loud gaudy production number that was more an ad for Lambert than his song or album. It was a vulgar spectacle a la Madonna or Freddie Mercury, and I think puts Lambert on the map, beyond Idol or the tabloids or the Out magazine controversy.

I don't really remember the song or Lambert's actual singing, though I think both were fine. He is a performer, and his performance was a breath of fresh (vulgar) air. Sure it was crude in an over-the-top glamour kind of way, with dancers on leashes and sexual moves. It was an adult performance. For those who object, two thoughts:
(1) it was 11 PM on a Sunday evening, so if your kids are up watching TV, I think you may just be a lousy parent
(2) the sexual innuendo was nothing Madonna, Janet Jackson, and three million rappers haven't done before, the only difference being the same-sex angle, so homophobic much?

This guy may be a flash in the pan, or he may be around for a long time. Who knows? It sure looks like his career will be a hell of an interesting show to watch.

And as an added bonus -- the fact that right wing homophobe stick figure Elisabeth Hasselback trashed the performance made me like it even more!


Clare and Gary said...

Is it wrong of me (and millions of other women watching AI) to have wanted to have a go at turning Adam Lambert, gorgeous ;-) oh and I love his voice too (honest!!!)

Brahm said...

Oh no, not wrong at all!!! I think he has talent, and will become what he wants to be, the gay male version of Madonna, which would be, uh, MADONNA!

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