November 13, 2009

I am... the thousand-year-old man.

Yesterday was challenging. Today was hell. This wasn't about work, which is fine with its usual stresses and challenges, it was about pain. Back pain. Slow burning aching prickly stiffening clunky awkward annoying back pain.

Today I started off sore and popping Advil like they were Pez. Later was the chiropractor, ice pack, stretches, and stronger pills. Then bags of frozen veggies (corn, I think) and K's infra-red technology doodad. All day I was hobbling around the office hunched over like a thousand-year-old-man. At work I am usually the energizer bunny... today I was office bound and irritable.

What causes back stiffness and pain? Who knows... I am a pretty fit 37 year old.... whoops, look at that, I lost a few years! I gotta get back to the gym, take off that 15 pounds that has crept up on me, get my own prescription pad.

This weekend I am going to take it easy, ice and stretch the achy breaky back, and then I see the chiro again on Monday. Good chance to catch up on reading. Or watch NCIS and Bones DVDs, talk on the phone, and write the blog as the Havanese climbs on the laptop.

I may FINALLY try acupuncture; it has intrigued me for years, not sure about all those little needles though...


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