November 7, 2009

Everything is beautiful at the ballet...

In A Chorus Line they sing: Everything was beautiful at the ballet. Graceful men lift lovely girls in white. Yes, everything was beautiful at the ballet. Hey! I was happy... at the ballet.

Well last night was the opener of the Alberta Ballet, Romeo and Juliet, and this is the first year we have a subscription. Yep, how artsy, how gay.

And yes everything was beautiful at the ballet. And... kind of snoozy. Wonderfully talented dancers, and amazing music, with a show that was waaaay too long, with way too much preamble before Romeo and Juliet enter the scene, and the place was so warm it was nap inducing. And after a crazy busy week, napping was pretty appealing. Not that I would doze off at the ballet of course...

Hmmm... jury is still out on this subscription. Will have to wait and see what the next one is like. And caffeine up before hand. And dress for the sauna.


Megan @ Alberta Ballet said...

Hi Brahm!

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the music and the talent of our dancers.

Romeo and Juliet is indeed one of the longest productions in our repetoire, clocking in at 2.5 hours plus intermission. Most productions you will see this year won't be as long, but can you believe that this is a shortened version of the production?

I hope you hang in there with us for the rest of the season - I promise it will be worth it.

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