November 11, 2009

Give it up, Barbie girl... Ken has another kind of dreamhouse in mind!

Yep, we have all been making the "Ken is gay" jokes forever... and now it looks like Barbie maker Mattel agrees with us.

When I was a kid, Ken was the buff beach guy who you knew was checking out the other boy dolls to see if they were anatomically correct. Well time has passed my friends... the Ken of today not only wants to check out the beach boys, he wants to pay their rent.

As part of the new Palm Beach Barbie collection, here is Sugar Daddy Ken! Part of the Elite Gold Label collection, whatever that is, he is made with the adult collector in mind and comes with a certificate of authenticity and accessories... what the hell kind of accessories, a black Amex card and some lube?

Sporting a 50s-esque jacquard jacket, silver-toned Liberace hair, and white pants (after labour day no less), you can almost see the face lift stretch marks on this dude. Think Paul Lynde walking a gay Toto.

And the little dog on the pink leash is apparently named Sugar. There are so many comments busting to jump out that my head may explode.

They say it takes on to know one, and I am telling you, Mr Ken is gay gay gay. Versace gay. Pride flag waving gay. George Michael in a public washroom gay.

And how does Mattel explain the new Ken? He is part of the adult collectible line, and as the dog's name is Sugar, then Ken is Sugar's daddy.... uh-huh...

A date with Barbie is the last thing on this little man's mind. And he would rather be called Kenneth, thank you very much.

On another note, I first saw Mr. Ken on one of my favourite blogs,; it's a great read, check it out!


Clare and Gary said...

OMG...not the Ken I remember playing with when I was little..I think it's the hair that is freaking me out!

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