November 25, 2009

Let's get physical (let me hear your body talk)

I had today off work and did something that I should do way more often. Nap.

Before the afternoon nap, I did something I seem to do even less of these days, I went for a run. Although it's winter here, we are getting off easy so far weather wise and today was a beautiful crisp sunny winter day.

The upside? Today's run in the sun with my ipod blasting felt amazing --- challenging, exciting, and invigorating. And I got a helluva good cardio workout.

The downside? Holy crap, that run knocked the wind out of me. I only ran about an hour, which is not a big deal for me, more of an average weekday run. Winded me like crazy. I need to run more. Or I will be old and feeble and broken. This weekend.

Beyond running I have also been working out at the gym for years. Totally hate it, and it works, and weekly workouts with a trainer ensure I have some consistency there. Also have fallen off the wagon there. I've bailed so often this fall my trainer has given up calling (really, Dean, I have been in the Czech republic since July, would I lie to you?)

Why exercise? Mostly weight control, for both health and vanity reasons. Okay, vanity first. I was a chubby kid, and am a Jewish guy from the suburbs, and let's face it, my people are not known for our athletic prowess. I started running about ten years ago and much to everyone's surprise, especially my own, totally love it. It is something that is tangible and challenging and valuable and mine.

Why fall off the exercise wagon? Busy with work, with life, with dogs, with wondering how the hell my suits have gotten tighter. Hmmmm....

That's it, I gotta run more often. Stand back, I feel there may be a new year's resolution coming on...


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Keep running! Keep the moobs at bay!

Anonymous said...

Well whatever you are doing it works. We were friends when? way back in elementary school and I sure as heck would not recognize you now, you look great.


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