November 2, 2009

Apparently my puppy isn't pampered enough...

You want your next life to be pampered? Come back as the dog of a gay man.

Alfred has a pretty darn good life --- love and attention, tons of toys, premium food and plentiful treats, many walks a day, friends, visits to the off-leash park, and doggie day care three days a week to which, yes, I chauffeur him back and forth.

Today though I learned that I could do better by the little guy. On there is a story about Unleashed Indoor Parks, a new $10-million Dallas dog park with 25,000 square feet of air-conditioned romping space. It opened in March and will be profitable in its first year, with the owners planning more locations.

Unleashed offers wi-fi and a snack bar (for people), plus a pet supply store. A staff of 25 play with and police the dogs, and pooches staying overnight can cuddle with employees in king-size beds.

This sounds amazing; why is it only in Dallas? Okay sure Texas is hot... I live in northern Canada where it's cold, we need a facility like this here!


One Creative Queen said...

Awww I can just see him jumping on - and sinking into - the deep snow. He would have had a ball here (in Denver) last week!

And it just dawned on me...Alfred is treated better than I treat my (human) children. In my next life, *I* want to come back as the dog of a gay man!! lol xx

marymac said...

I just want to say that I am going to hurl myself off a bridge now. Because my life is complete. Why? Because a Canadian gay man just commented my blog. (insert angelic hallelujah twinkly music)
I am hoping that I will come back as your dog.
Please, God, let me come back as Alfred's dog.
I love you.
That's all.

marymac said...

P.S. Are you on twitter? Because I don't see it on your page and I need to stalk you on all available social notworking, I mean networking outlets. If you tweet, please follow me @marymac so I can genuflect in your direction daily.

Clare said...

Gary would love that, we have a great outdoor offleash park for doggies in Jacksonville with acres of woods, fields and man made lakes for the spoilt ones.. $280 / year and Gary is worth every penny. No one can quite believe Gary goes to doggy day care, but he loves it when I'm away and he gets to go everyday..spoilt rotten (although probably not as much as Alfred!)

Brahm said...

Thanks Mary Mac, I would love to be stalked! You sound like great fun! Am not on twitter yet, find me -- and Mr Alfredo -- on facebook: Brahm Kornbluth; and yes am on there a whole heck of a lot!

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