November 14, 2009

Does this blog have a personality? Does it reflect my personality? What does this illustration have to do anything?

So I just put this blog through a Meyers-Brigg-ish personality profile thing-a-majig at; as blogs don't have personalities, I guess it is analyzing or reflecting my personality through the blog. Scaree stuff.

The verdict? ESTP "The Performers" -- Entertaining and friendly, especially attuned to pleasure and beauty.. pretty good so far, huh? Live in the moment and don't plan ahead? Yeah not so sure on that one, I love lists and goals and plans and agendas. Enjoy work that helps others in a visible and concrete way? Sure that sounds good. Avoid conflict and rarely initiate confrontation? At times, though getting better at it. The profile says that can make it difficult to be a manager, which is unfortunate as that is what I do for a living.

So I have two issues here:
(1) Because of the name "typalizer" I now have the Britney Spears song "Womanizer" running though my head over and over and over.
(2) I don't think this is me - the profile says I'm a "feeler" rather than a "thinker" which is pretty much the opposite of how I see myself; I am the smart sarcastic geek type not the caring feeling type.

So this is not as I see myself, and I think the blog reflects my personalty pretty well, so what gives? Is the profile just hooey? While this blog reflects me, it is an escapist creative outlet, outside of my everyday concrete responsibilities, focused on certain elements of life and ignoring others. So it is the feeling creative part of my brain not the big powerful logic part. Or the small puny logic part. Depending on how big you think my logical part is (okay, that sounds dirty).

A blog isn't a full portrait; though out there for all to see, it is selective and personal, as a feeling and creative escapist outlet outside of the logic and challenges of life. So the blog's personality profile is only looking at that part of your brain you are using to write the blog.

Still... kind of disappointing there is nothing about my fierce intelligence or endless charm...


Kevin said...

'Not the caring feeling type'? What am I doing here?

Brahm said...

You are just one lucky lucky dude....

Carla said...

I think this stuff is a little like horoscopes...there's enough stuff that will reflect something in you. In real life, I'm more the thinker type, even though my blog analysis says otherwise. I simply chalked it up to the blog being a creative outlet. Nice blog you have here.

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