November 29, 2009

You say you want a resolution, well you know, we all want to change the world...

I used to be a big fan of New Year's Resolutions. Think obsessive list-making freakazoid with multiple draft and then final versions of resolutions listed by theme and ranked by priority. And then over the past few years, I have walked away from it, maybe due to more self-awareness and ongoing conscious planning of goals and continual evolution, or maybe I couldn't find a pen.

Anyhoo, as the world is in such a wonky state these days (I blame Sarah Palin), I think that having a game plan for next year is a grand idea. Whether it is resolutions, or priorities, or some kind of northern star to aim towards, I think is a good time to re-start the resolutions. And yes I am going to be hyper-organized about it, so am starting today, more than a month early.

Here's what I have so far:

1- As K and I go forward into wedding and marriage, I will work on my communication skills and "us" partnership perspective, while acknowledging that Alfie (and, yes, step-dog Quinn) still rule the roost.

2- I will struggle to control myself and not strangle the architect/contractor building our house, much as he deserves it because of his lousy communication.

3- I will remember that pizza is not a breakfast food, at least not daily.

4- I will exercise more often (granted, easy goal, as comparing to this year as my base line).

5- I will remember that other people are allowed to (mistakenly) think they have the cutest dog in town.

6- I will wash my car more often, so before it looks like random glassy-eyed strangers crazy-glued sand, mud and assorted forensic CSI-looking crap all over it.

7- I will be more patient with stupid people who do not deserve my patience (I see an opportunity to revamp this wording)

8- I will obey speed limits and turn into the appropriate inside lane at intersections (though that is waaay less efficient than how I currently do it)

You will notice there is no cure for cancer on here... like I said, just a starting point...


Clare and Gary said...

in our house....
1. Gary rules the roost
2. We wish we had strangled the contractor who built (read started to build) our pool before running off with $25K
3. I had pizza for breakfast - it had pineapple on it so I think this is perfectly acceptable
4. I with you on this one
5. Gary is the cutest dog in our town, Alfred in yours!
6. The outside I seem to be able to manage, it's the Gary drool on the inside passenger window I have difficulties motivating myself to remove!
7. My patience with the stupid woman at MacDonalds received short shrift earlier, so I failed miserablely here.
30 days to think up some other ones to break by Jan 5th!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I think you should strangle the architect. Just imagine what an interesting post it will make!

Meandu said...

Great start on the resolution list. I am surprised to hear that pizza is not a breakfast food. I have been telling my mother for years that it is. The wording on #7 looked fine to me. Thanks for the lift this afternoon, I needed it.

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