November 15, 2009

I heart Annie Lennox's heart

Former Eurythmic Annie Lennox is more than a musical legend, and this week was honoured for her passionate humanitarian work.

And yes I LOVE LOVE LOVE Annie Lennox, from the Eurythmics' Love is a Stranger in the early 80s, through her Diva solo debut, right up to her last solo album, 2007's haunting Songs of Mass Destruction. I saw her live when she was at the peak of Eurythmics mania, and again a few years ago when she was the opening act for Sting and gave one of the most dynamic most amazing performances I have seen by anyone anywhere (she blew what's-his-name off the stage, by the way). And Why remains simply one of the best pop songs of our generation. Period.

This week, Lennox got the Woman of Peace Award for her work for HIV/AIDS awareness. The award was presented at summit of Nobel Peace Laureates in Berlin. In addition to hands-on involvement, she has raised over two million dollars to provide HIV testing, medical supplies, and education for South Africans. Go Annie go!

Her SING campaign is named for a song on her last album; if you don't know Lennox's more recent stuff, check out Sing from Songs of Mass Destruction, a great mix of music and message, a song about sisterhood sung by 23 women, with all proceeds going to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Guest vocalists include Madonna, Celine Dion, Melissa Etheridge, Pink, Faith Hill, Shakira, and Sarah McLachlan... how can you go wrong with that group?


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