November 17, 2009

Holy crap, I admire Paris Hilton ...but just for a second, otherwise she is dumb as wood.


marymac said...

If she actually knows what the word means, then GO PARIS! Whoohoo! It's a big word with many letters, tho, so I'm worried she like thought it was fear of spiders or something. ;)

Brahm said...

Ah so true, valid point, she most likely doesn't know what "homophobia" means... or what "stop" means for that matter... still like the pic a lot ---- better she turn activist than take up that "singing" career again!!!

lonnacottrell said...

She could have misread it as, "Homophobia, STOP!" therefore entirely missing the point. In reality, she's more than likely holding up the sign because someone told her to. But she looks good. Her pits are clean and she's tan. All that American society asks for.

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